Apple’s media event on Oct. 22 turned into a bit of a damp squid with only some upgrades to the existing products being unveiled. However, reports indicate that Apple is ready with a new product line to be unveiled in 2014.

According to CNET, Apple is also working on a HDTV. Apple may also release add-ons for its standalone TV set such as a Bluetooth controller and a gaming console to complement the former Apple TV.

Apple’s upcoming products seem pretty interesting with amazing features such as bigger screens and finger print recognition. Amongst the most interesting products is the new Apple’s upcoming wearable tech. Apple is poised to release its wearable tech early next year, after Sony and Samsung released theirs and Google reportedly on its way. The much speculated iWatch is also set to be released next year as reports indicate that the company has been hiring employees on its engineering team.

In September, Apple released the iPhone 5S and 5C models, which retained the screen size of 4 inches like their predecessors. Global smartphone leaders Samsung, Nokia and Sony are releasing smartphones with larger screens, which may provoke Apple to build their next generation iPhones with larger screens. An iPad maxi is also said to be in the lineup and is set to be accompanied by a keyboard cover.

Images: Federico Ciccarese/Ciccarese Design

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