Elgato has launched a successor to its Turbo.264 USB video conversion dongle with the addition of 1080p compatibility.

Called the Elgato Turbo.264 HD, the upgraded – and much faster – device converts videos into the H.264 format from camcorders and digital cameras.

The converted video is compatible with iPods, iPhones, Apple TV and Sony’s PSP and similar devices.

Users simply plug the dongle into a Mac and the software allows video to be previewed and trimmed before converting – without the need to import into iMovie.

The device also adds support for HD camcorder formats such as AVCHD as well as MPEG-2- and MPEG-4-encoded HD content.

Elgao says that while it normally takes an hour to make a fifteen minute movie from video taken on an AVCHD camcorder, the Turbo.264 HD takes less than 20 minutes.

The Turbo.264 HD is priced at USD $150/ €149.

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