Apple has finally announced the OS X El Capitan – the latest operating system for Mac. El Capitan features improved Spotlight search with natural language enhancements, new versions of multiple stock apps, including Mail, Notes, and Safari, together with Metal for Mac and other refinements and features that Apple announced at WWDC.

Here’s a deeper look into the OS X El Capitan features:

Mail: The OS X El Capitan Mail app comes with enhancements for its full-screen mode and ability to hide in-progress messages. The OS also features enhanced tabs on the compose window. Delete or archive messages with a gesture enabled swipe feature.

Safari: The new enhanced Safari browser comes with a pinned feature that allows you to easily and quickly keep most important websites at the top of Safari. You can as well mute websites that are playing music without having to close them down.

Metal for Mac: Metal for Mac combines the graphics power of OpenGL and the computing power of OpenCL to form a new API that does both. This therefore means you will need 40% less CPU processing power for graphics and still have 50% rendering improvement with the new system. Metal for Mac also promises improved graphics and better battery life.

Spotlight: The OS X El Capitan Spotlight search has been significantly improved with contextually aware search results and natural language enhancements.


A preview of the OS X El Capitan is already available for Mac Developer Program members. However, the final version will be available for free this fall in Mac App Store. A public beta version is going to be available starting July, 2015.

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