The latest version of Apple’s iOSiOS 5 – is almost ready and planned to be introduced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It is already rumored that the upcoming OS is featuring many advancements along with widgets and revamped notifications.

Last year June was the first time to rumors floats all around about the improved notifications for the latest iOS. This was started through Apple’s recruiting a designer to create notification system for Plam’s WebOS. The widget issue came into light when Apple started filing patent for the always-in-sync widget for touchscreen devices.

Some sources already revealed that the Apple is more into pushing journalists for the introduction of iOS 5 and planning this announcement in a big way. It is also informed that the latest iOS changes are designed to make up the hardware deficiencies and this will be the highlight of the software announcement from Apple.

It is also presumed that the Apple may make announcement about cloud storage for their both operating systems iOS and Mac OS X  Lion. In fact, Apple blog mentioned in March that they may not release cloud-based iOS 5 until this fall.

Earlier we mentioned about the Nuance deal with Apple for Voice Recognition. Surprisingly, some of the reliable sources confirmed that the “voice control” feature with the latest Apple mobile operating system got nothing to do with the licensing deal with Nuance.

It looks like Apple is not interested in taking chances as the current feature is doing pretty well with the customer base. Also, iOS 5 is still under test, and perhaps planned changes might take place at a later stage. Also, it seems to be the planned “Voice Navigation” feature through Nuance Technologies might have taken a back seat and some core aspects might have considered for this time.

In fact, ignoring “Voice Navigation” feature definitely will be a greatest disappointment for the Apple’s customer base as most of the Android based smartphones overtaking the iPhone success just because of this only feature. Already many experts are clearly indicating this feature as a major drawback for the popular iPhone to maintain its ruling in the market. Everyone expected this feature from the latest iOS 5, but looks like still further wait is needed for this feature.

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