GIPS Brings HD Voice to Android

Global IP Solutions announced support for a mobile operating system, allowing Android mobile application developers to quickly create applications with HD voice inside. Building first-rate VoIP-enabled clients is now possible with GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile.

GIPS VoiceEngine allows Android developers to build VoIP-enabled applications that offer HD voice, while tackling all the typical IP network issues – such as delay, jitter, packet loss, bandwidth constraints, noise and echo.

VoiceEngine family consists of VoiceEngine PC (voice processing solution optimized for softphone applications on PC platforms), VoiceEngine Mobile (adds VoIP capabilities to mobile applications; includes echo cancellation technology designed for difficult mobile environments), VoiceEngine ATA (enables residential gateways with VoIP capabilities) and VoiceEngine IP Phone (delivers suite of voice processing technology to IP Phone manufacturers).

“Today, mobile users desire a smartphone that offers a unique experience, which includes the ability to have great quality communication. With GIPS engineering expertise, developers can quickly and effectively build their applications enabling them to concentrate on their core business,” said Roar Hagen, GIPS’ Chief Technology Officer.

GIPS also announced that Nimbuzz, a free mobile social messaging application, will be the first customer to offer HD voice (VoIP) on Android phones using GIPS voice mobile solution.

“We’re thrilled that Nimbuzz will be GIPS’ first customer to deploy their application on Android mobile phones. Nimbuzz continues to offer their users a distinctive unified social messaging application that connects popular social and instant messenger networks into one simple, user-friendly offering,” added Hagen.

GIPS already offers mobile versions of its voice engine to developers on the iPhone and Symbian platforms.

With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, the mobile phone has become the most personal and ubiquitous communications device. Research firm Gartner has predicted that Android will become the second most popular smartphone by 2012 with 14.5 percent market share and iPhone with 13.7 percent market share.

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